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segunda-feira, fevereiro 07, 2011

Sales Director

French company with a strong focus on international business development, FM Logistic provides logistics solutions to food, hygiene and cosmetics, mass retail, hi-tech, general goods, and automotive sectors. It offers warehousing services, such as optimization of warehousing management, real time management, acceptance/shipment control, storage in different temperatures, order handling, planning next supplies, cross docking, railway ramp, and customs warehouse and clearance. FM LOGISTIC continues to spearhead the development of international markets by offering high quality service level for Supply Chain management, historically from Transportation to Logistics Operations. With worldwide sales activities, today, there are more than 60 FM LOGISTIC units in operation in 12 countries which represents over 12.000 people. Based on the this international focus, FM Logisitic is looking to develop business in Brazil through merger and acquisitions as well as developing large global customers interested in investiments in logisttical operations.

Sales Director

In this role you will take responsibility for the whole sales chain, including prospection, develop current and new customers, after sales relationship and customer care. You will also be tasked with managing customer relationships and delivering exceptional service standards.

As the Sales Director of the business you will be expected to have a clear strategic view of what is needed to quickly develop FM in the Brazilian market.

-Work based in São Paulo Region and total availability to travel and/or move to other places if necessary.

-Willing to relocate for several months (at least 3-6 months in Europe (France, Poland))
-Experience in trade, ideally in a commercial direction.
-Proven experience in Supply Chain and Warehouse business in large customers.
-Fluent English.
-Ability to manage client relationships
-Ideally commercial post graduate study.
-Experience in selling benefits of logistics and/or transportation, preferably in international environment
-Demonstrated commercial techniques



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