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quarta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2011

Regional Brand Manager

DM Executivos|EMA Partners Brasil is currently assisting one of the largest players in the Electronics industry in order to identify a Top Talent for the position below:

Regional Brand Manager

• This professional will develop, establish and maintain marketing communication strategies to meet organizational objectives, as well as an effective management of the communication, branding, advertising, PR, internal PR and sponsorship activities supporting BUs to deliver their goals.

• To perform this role, the following activities will be part of his/her duties and responsibilities:

1. Develop and implement marketing communication plans and projects for new and existing products
2. Responsible for all Marketing Communication efforts in regional level, including strategic definition of overall marketing plan;
3. Team bulding and staff professional development
4. Liaison with media and advertising
5. External Marketing Agencies management
6. PR management
7. Analysis of customer research, current market conditions and competitor information
8. Determine and manage the marketing budget

• To enable a successful performance, the following requirements will be crucial:

1. Team building leadership and people management skills
2. Deeply Knowledge of Marketing tools developed in top tier companies
3. B2C experience or brand building management
Post Graduation/MBA

• MBA/Post Graduation, Graduation (in Business Administration, Social Communication, Journalism, Economics or Engineering) and fluency in English/Spanish complete the desired profile.

Acesse www.vagas.com.br/v264313


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