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terça-feira, fevereiro 01, 2011

Human Resources Manager – Pontal do Paranapanema- SP- Brasil #vaga #job

Human Resources Manager – Pontal do Paranapanema- SP- Brasil
Professional to be based in Pontal do Paranapanema. In this position she/he will be responsible for:
• Manage HR function areas according to the manufacturing needs and our internal process, assuring the HR Programs and employee satisfaction;
• Manages HR sub-systems area assuring the attendance of the internal and external procedures of HR;
• Manage the HR Strategic and Profit Plan process;
• Maximize the performance of the area through selection, training, orienting and motivating the employee;
• Implement corporate and Divisional HR practices.
Bachelor degree and fluent English required.

Other competencies:
• Demonstrated ability to plan, coordinate and direct the activities to a group of people;
• Facilitation, conflict resolution, problem solving and analysis skills;
• Analytical profile;
• Strategic View;
• HR Generalist Knowledge;
• Management of people skills.

Send resumes to ana@agritalents.com.br


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