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quarta-feira, dezembro 01, 2010

SEO & SEM Product Manager.- Buenos Aires #vaga #job

SEO & SEM Product Manager.- Buenos Aires

We are looking for someone who has expert SEO & SEM knowledge with hands-on history working with content heavy publishers, dynamic application oriented sites, social media, and user generated sites.
This Product Manager position reports to the Director of Product Management at Uno Medios. He or she will work closely with other product managers, analysts, and development teams to champion and implement his or her product requirements.

Principal Responsibilities

• Proactively identify, document, and provide recommendations to generate traffic based on industry experience, market research, and analytical skills.

Identificar proactivamente, documentar y proporcionar recomendaciones para generar tráfico en función de experiencia en la industria, investigación de mercado y capacidad de análisis.

• Contribute from proven experience in managing large scale, dynamically generated content sites with high volume page counts driven from SEO & SEM. Previous experience in local or faceted search ideal.

• Formulate innovative SEO & SEM strategies for maintaining search engine rankings with respect to deep links into a dynamic, JavaScript based application.

• Manage direct implementation of Uno Medios content into owned and operated web search implementations.

• Build tactics to improve search engine rankings and inbound link development

• Provide estimates for the traffic opportunity to help provide prioritization and model forecasting.

• Deliver ongoing reporting and trending analysis to measure Uno Medios search rankings by segment

• Perform detailed analysis for top traffic sources and performing keywords to ensure SEO & SEM and traffic referral strategy is achieving goals

Minimum Requirements

• Bachelor's degree required

• 3-5 years experience in online search analytics or product management

• 2-3 years experience directly managing and leading SEO & SEM campaigns

• Proven experience with SEO & SEM ranking tools – WebPosition or similar a plus

• Proficiency in link and page indexing tools, Google Webmaster tools

• Firm understanding of how search engines interact with dynamic, JavaScript focused applications and the methods/tradeoffs involved in performing SEO & SEM in this environment.

• Experience with WebTrends, Omniture or other similar web reporting tools

• Experience with HTML and writing technical specifications

• Excellent analytical and communication skills

Contractual conditions to be negotiated.

Whoever is interested, please send me an email asap to alinesagitario@hotmail.com.


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