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segunda-feira, novembro 29, 2010

Quality Manager - Automotive Company, São Paulo-SP #vaga #job

Quality Manager - Automotive Company, São Paulo-SP

Function: Leadership and coordination for quality activities.
Principal accountabilities : Q-Planning – definition of the working processes of Product Quality Management ( PQM ) and Customer Quality Management( CQM ) in cooperation with the Quality Leaders of other Segments, in order to ensure a consistent process for all segments; Quality Assurance- Consult the Segment leader and the Heads of related Customer Centers in all quality related activities, in order to assure all quality requirements in development and serial production; Administration – Execute and control all human resources related processes for the assigned employees. Control, analyze and distribute all segment related quality data; Leadership – Direct employees executing the task of PQM in development project. Direct employees executing the taks of CQM with worldwide responsibility for assigned customer.
Knowledge / Skills : QM basic Know How; QM Tools – FMEA, 8D, Basics of project management, Measuring system analysis, QFD, DoE, , process capability, APQP, Lean Six Sigma.
Occupational experience : 5 Years of experience in Automotive Quality management; 2 Years of leadership experience
Send Resume to: rafael.giacobbe@edcengenharia.com.br


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